I provide guidelines and support to deliver service standards at the highest levels.

Awarding-winning expertise blending behaviour, knowledge, phraseology, speed and efficiency with appropriate service techniques.

My training programmes enthuse staff to develop exceptional professional relationships with customers.

I offer unique customer recognition know-how with techniques to maximise opportunities for repeat business.

Story Boards, Mood Boards, Design Advice, Concept Research and Competitor Analysis.

Financial Projections (profit & loss), Build Considerations, Time Planning, CAPEX, FF&E and Key Equipment.

PR, Supply Chain, Software Solutions, Point of Sale (POS) and Reservation Systems.

Health Check Reports, Morale Enhancement and Personnel Appraisals.

Communications, Job Descriptions, Roles and Responsibilities.

Recruitment Advice, Payroll Structures, KPI and Incentives, Service Charge Advice.

Financial Diagnostics, Commercial Opportunities and Reputation Enhancement.

Cost Saving Techniques, Operational Efficiencies, Restaurant Trends and Sales Trend Analysis.

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