From first hand experience of complex multi site conditions, I am able to identify immediate operational and commercial opportunities in businesses of any size.

Based on the findings, direction is provided on proven strategy and technique to enhance performance throughout all elements of the business.

Story Boards, Mood Boards, Design Advice, Concept Research and Competitor Analysis.

Financial Projections (profit & loss), Build Considerations, Time Planning, CAPEX, FF&E and Key Equipment.

PR, Supply Chain, Software Solutions, Point of Sale (POS) and Reservation Systems.

Health Check Reports, Morale Enhancement and Personnel Appraisals.

Communications, Job Descriptions, Roles and Responsibilities.

Recruitment Advice, Payroll Structures, KPI and Incentives, Service Charge Advice.

Service Standards, Operating Procedures, Guest Engagement and Recognition.

Training Programmes, Sales Initiatives and Organisational Planning.

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