I provide seasoned advice on creating effective internal cultures, absorbed from years spent with some of the most successful and respected operators in the business.

I make recommendations for maintaining healthy, committed, successful brigades with high levels of morale.

I provide one to one coaching to get the best out of the key people, identifying and responding to their challenges so they can positively impact their teams.

I put together health check reports enabling organisations to drill down quickly on problems.

I connect operators with recruitment agencies and manage process.

I propose payroll models and strategies to maximise payroll efficiencies

Story Boards, Mood Boards, Design Advice, Concept Research and Competitor Analysis.

Financial Projections (profit & loss), Build Considerations, Time Planning, CAPEX, FF&E and Key Equipment.

PR, Supply Chain, Software Solutions, Point of Sale (POS) and Reservation Systems.

Financial Diagnostics, Commercial Opportunities and Reputation Enhancement.

Cost Saving Techniques, Operational Efficiencies, Restaurant Trends and Sales Trend Analysis.

Service Standards, Operating Procedures, Guest Engagement and Recognition.

Training Programmes, Sales Initiatives and Organisational Planning.

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