Following consultation with clients to understand their desired outcomes, I bring to life new concepts with a visual representation of the story.

I provide extensive research carried out to evaluate market conditions, the competition, menu content, pricing and commercial viability.

A critical path can be presented to assist time planning with a clear representation of the necessary operational stages from concept build to pre-opening and beyond.

I work with and recommend market-leading suppliers for recruitment, design, build, PR, marketing, Health and Safety and equipment.

In-depth P&L and Capex presentations for financial projections are prepared, as required.


Health Check Reports, Morale Enhancement and Personnel Appraisals.

Communications, Job Descriptions, Roles and Responsibilities.

Recruitment Advice, Payroll Structures, KPI and Incentives, Service Charge Advice.

Financial Diagnostics, Commercial Opportunities and Reputation Enhancement.

Cost Saving Techniques, Operational Efficiencies, Restaurant Trends and Sales Trend Analysis.

Service Standards, Operating Procedures, Guest Engagement and Recognition.

Training Programmes, Sales Initiatives and Organisational Planning.

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